Utilizing our all natural treatment, combing technique and preventive care, our process eradicates lice and nits. Comb & Cure lice removal process provides successful results and lice-free heads .

Check hair and scalp for lice and nits and prepare the hair for treatment.

Application of treatment cream to hair aids in live lice suffocation while providing hair and scalp with nourishment and preparing it for the next step of combing out.

Manual combing utilizing a specialized nit comb, involves strand by strand picking out of nits and lice; we manually separate the lice from hair and scalp and remove all visible nits, nymphs and lice. Upon completion of lice removal, a leave-in treatment is applied and hair is braided.

Comb & Cure shampoo and conditioner formulated with natural enzymes eliminate lice on contact. All of the ingredients are 100% non-toxic and pesticide free. Within 12-24 hours from initial treatment: shampoo and condition hair at home. Our technician will provide detailed step-by-step hair care instructions.

We advise a follow-up treatment 4-6 days from the initial treatment date to be 100% lice-free. Microscopic nits and nymphs undetectable on the day of the initial treatment, will become visible enough to remove during the follow-up treatment. 4-6 days period is required as nits and nymphs are not mature enough to reproduce and initiate reinfestation, but visible to detect and eradicate during follow-up treatment. We honor a 14 day policy after completion of follow-up treatment.

To prevent reinfestation we urge post-treatment disinfection of any surface where lice could potentially live. Comb & Cure all natural yet effective repellent spray prevents lice from surviving on furniture and upholstery; our laundry detergent assists with eradication of lice on clothing articles, beddings and towels.

  • Lice removal technician will arrive at your home in an unmarked vehicle to ensure your privacy.
  • Our technician will bring all the necessary tools and products and set-up in the area you have designated.
  • The technician will perform a head check to confirm the presence of lice or nits.
  • We highly recommend that all members of the household undergo our professional head checks as lice are highly contagious.
  • Utilizing non-toxic treatment products, our technician will perform the lice removal process.
  • All of the live bugs and visible nits will be removed.
  • Children can return to school and scheduled activities same day. If required by your school or camp, Head Lice Clearance Certificates are provided upon treatment completion.
  • The technician will discuss all follow-up steps as well as disinfection and prevention techniques.
  • A follow-up treatment is recommended based on the individual level of lice infestation: microscopic nits deposited by live lice within 24 hours of initial treatment become visible within 3-5 days of treatment and require timely removal to prevent reinfestation.

Service Price
Lice treatment - first hour * $155 / hour
Lice treatment - additional time $77.50 / 30 min
Lice treatment - Evenings (after 5pm) $155 / hour
Lice Treatment - Sundays / Holidays $155 / hour

*  Travel fees starting at $25 per appointment each way apply based upon location, tolls, and time of appointment.
** One hour minimum; an average treatment takes 1-2 hours per person. An average screening is 10-15 minutes per person. Appointment duration varies by the length/thickness of the hair and the severity of infestation.
Late night appointments are subject to a 2 hour minimum (start time at 9pm or later).
Facilities services at schools, boarding homes, camps are priced per quoted rates at the time of scheduling.
***Attention: CA, NY, MA: effective January 1, 2022: $155/hour rate applies to all appointments.

Forms of payment accepted: Comb & Cure accepts all major credit cards. FSA and Health Savings Accounts will reimburse for Comb & Cure treatment.
Health Insurance: We do not accept Health Insurance as a form of payment, however we provide itemized invoices and CPT codes required by health insurance carriers for your Health insurance claim submission.

Cancellation policy: $50 cancellation fee applies to cancellations made with less than 24 hour notice from the scheduled appointment time. Cancellations made with less than 4 hour notice from the scheduled appointment time are subject to the 1-hour minimum charge and travel fee penalty.

Our lice technicians are trained to remove all visible lice and nits during the first treatment. Due to the life cycle of lice, on the day of the first treatment, newly hatched nits are invisible due to their microscopic size and lack of color. Completion of post-appointment steps using Comb & Cure treatment kit is required to fully eradicate lice. Follow-up appointments are highly recommended but are not required.
Upon completion of Comb & Cure full lice treatment process, clients will be lice-free. *

  • Requires two paid treatments within 4-6 days from each other
  • Completion of post-appointment steps using Comb & Cure treatment kit
  • All household members must be screened by Comb & Cure
  • All household members that are screened positive for head lice must be treated by Comb & Cure
  • Valid up to 14 days from the original appointment date
  • Required proof of lice found (secured in scotch tape or ZipLock bag)