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The Toxic Truth About Rid Lice Treatment and Nix Lice Treatment: Ineffectiveness and Potential Harm in Lice Treatment

Dealing with a lice infestation is stressful, in particular when trying to find an effective lice treatment. Products like Rid and Nix had been commonly used to combat lice, however it is critical to be informed about the unsafe and toxic ingredients in Rid and Nix. This blog’s objective is to shed light on the ineffectiveness and danger of using Rid and Nix. Rid and Nix contain toxic and poisonous ingredients pyrethrin and permethrin, there are known associated dangers when either is applied to the scalp of not only children but adults.
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Addressing Lice Outbreaks in Housing Facilities and Hospitals

Dealing with lice outbreaks is a big challenge, especially in shared housing facilities such as boarding schools, nursing homes, or assisted living. While lice maybe inconspicuous, lice infestations are a huge burden when they invade shared living spaces or healthcare settings. Let's discuss the difficulties and solutions when faced with lice infestations in shared housing facilities.
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Back to School after Christmas lice outbreak

Oh the joy of the Holidays, preparation for Christmas and school break vacations, the excitement in the air in early December overcomes adults and children. As we prepared for 2021 Christmas and the 2021 school winter break, the joy of the celebrations ahead and planned trips took over. Many of us had wonderful out of country trips planned. With Covid19 numbers somewhat under control in the latter part of last year, it seemed that trip planning and party planning had returned almost back to pre-covid level.
Lice outbreaks at schools after Thanksgiving were out of control, which is expected.
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Lice outbreaks during Covid19 pandemic

During the majority of 2020 when Covid19 pandemic engulfed our planet, most countries experienced some form of lockdown. Many children were not able to attend school in person for the majority of 2020. School age kids were learning remotely using online platforms such as Zoom. Social isolation which came with homeschooling was one of the negative effects.
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Lice or Dandruff, Nits or Dry Scalp

An itchy scalp is a bothersome condition, and frequently when the scalp begins to itch one of the first concerns which come to mind are lice.  Especially if you have children of school age who are in school or camp, and more so if you have recently received a lice notice from school or day care or know of a lice outbreak in your community.  Itchy scalp is the most common symptom of lice, and the first thing which comes to mind is “Do I have lice?” It is important to know the difference between dandruff which results from dry scalp, and nits which are eggs laid by lice during infestation. It is also important to identify lice and nits early, as lice are very contagious. 
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Super Lice Resistance to Treatment

Microorganisms such as bacteria grow resistant to antibiotics, similarly viruses become resistant to medical treatments as they mutate into new strains of the virus. You have heard of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses that have developed an immunity to certain medical treatments. Lice have been around for centuries, and have grown and mutated to survive and multiply, resisting chemical treatments and contributing to the ever growing lice outbreaks among children and adults.
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