About Us

At Comb & Cure our focus is providing effective family-friendly lice removal and treatment utilizing natural non-toxic products and safe techniques. Comb & Cure is a professional service for safe head lice screening and removal of head lice and nits, using 100% natural products, free from harmful pesticides and ingredients. Our in-home lice removal services are available 7 days a week and are provided in the comfort of your own home or office.

Our difference

Natural non-toxic pesticide free products & safe and effective lice and nit removal service Comb & Cure provides service and support to families, schools and physicians and stresses the importance of 100% safe and pesticide free lice treatment and products. Comb & Cure teams with parents, school districts, camps, and health care providers to eradicate head lice. Our goal is to help children return to school same day and prevent the spread of head lice with effective screenings and safe treatment methods.

On-call mobile service

Comb & Cure specializes in delivering a mobile service in a discreet and effective manner. Our technician promptly arrives to your home or office in a car unmarked by our name or logos to protect your privacy. On-call mobile service allows you the flexibility to manage your time: as one household member is being checked or treated, the other can return to their scheduled activities. Comb & Cure makes your lice treatment experience comfortable and stress-free.