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    What to expect during your lice removal service:
Lice removal technician will arrive at your home for your scheduled lice removal service in an unmarked vehicle. All lice removal products and tools will be supplied by our technician for your lice removal service. Lice removal service will begin with head checks to confirm the presence of lice or nits. We highly recommend that all members of the household undergo our professional head checks during the in-home visit. Utilizing non-toxic treatment products, our technician will perform the lice removal process. Lice removal service constitutes removal of all present live bugs and visible nits. Families can returned to scheduled activities upon receipt of the lice removal service. Head Lice Clearance Certificates are provided upon completion of the lice removal service upon request. The technician will discuss all follow-up steps as well as disinfection and prevention techniques as a part of your lice removal service. Lice removal service will end with a consultation about lice life-cycle and scheduling of a follow-up lice removal service as needed. Follow-up lice removal service is recommended based on the individual level of lice infestation: microscopic nits deposited by live lice within 24 hours of initial of the lice removal service become visible within 3-5 days of initial lice removal service and require timely removal to prevent re-infestation.

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Mobile and in-home service any day of the week at any time of the day

Effective lice removal, natural treatment, 24/7 availability and discretion are our top priorities. Comb & Cure lice technicians are available on-call to arrive to your home, office or school within hours notice. Our professional service is mobile, delivering stress-free lice removal and lice removal products to your every day of the week, evening and weekends.

Professional Lice Removal eliminates and prevents lice and nits

Comb & Cure lice removal methods and lice treatment preventive products are all natural, non-toxic and fully effective in treating and preventing lice and nits. Professional lice technicians fully trained in lice removal techniques utilize only Comb & Cure lice treatment products during lice removal sessions.

We use all natural products

Comb & Cure lice removal products are all natural, pesticide free, non-toxic and meet top standards of environmentally conscious manufacturing. We are an eco-friendly company committed to reducing waste, energy and raw material Comb & Cure utilizes only safe screening and treatment practices to remove head lice in adults and children.

Michelle Fryer
-Seattle, WA

We contacted Comb & Cure on Saturday, the morning of our daughter`s chorus graduation concert in panic. They had a technician arrive to our house within two hours. The technician treated our daughter within 1 hour and then performed free checks on both of us and our son and luckily we were lice free. While we panicked, the technician calmed us down and explained how to treat our home and prevent lice from spreading. We were able to attend our daughter`s graduation concert and have peace of mind. Thank you so much for ridding us of lice and helping us stay calm on a special day. *

Cynthia Ralph
-Boston, MA

I have been battling lice in my daughters` hair for weeks, picking out nits and lice every few days and performing treatments with various over the counter remedies. I contacted Comb & Cure desperate for help when I realized I was also infected with lice and just no longer had the time or energy to deal with infestation. The evening of the same day I broke down, Comb & Cure technician arrived to our home, and treated all 3 of us patiently applying treatment and manually and oh so efficiently combing out and removing all lice and nits from our hair. We were taught what to do to contain lice from continuing surviving and spreading again as well as fully treated and left with specific instructions which were easy to follow and finally gave me a reassurance that i was doing the right steps and we were free of lice. *

Todd and Jennifer Miriam
-San Francisco, CA

Dear Comb & Cure, I just want to thank you and your wonderful staff for coming out and ridding our family of lice. Jane was so cheerful, reassuring and very careful during our checks and treatments. It was great to have our kids treated while we were able to work and not have to drive them to any offices - thank you for coming out so quickly being so responsive and efficient! Most importantly the kids were treated in one afternoon and have been lice free. *

* Results may vary from person to person.