Lice outbreaks during Covid19 pandemic

During the majority of 2020 when Covid19 pandemic engulfed our planet, most countries experienced some form of lockdown. Many children were not able to attend school in person for the majority of 2020. School age kids were learning remotely using online platforms such as Zoom. Social isolation which came with homeschooling was one of the negative effects.{~}
However, lack of in person interaction which normally comes with children attending school, not only worked to prevent the spread of Covid19, but also helped prevent the spread of lice.

Not many parents thought about this positive outcome of keeping their children home. Most parents would rather have their children attend school in person, learn in person and experience all the wonderful benefits of interacting with their peers and teachers in person. Lice spread from head to head mostly in school age children because they interact so closely. Working on school projects closely, playing sports at school and outside of school activities such as sleepovers are all easy ways to spread lice.

Social Distancing as Lice Prevention
Social distance and staying 6 feet apart are terms which ring of 2020, concepts introduced in April of 2020 when Covid19 pandemic encompassed most of our world. These practices were put in place to slow the spread of Covid19 between people. In 2020 we saw the lowest rates of colds and regular flu among school age children because they were not spending time close to each other. Once school reopened, children were kept at a distance from each other, often at desks with plexiglass. Sleepovers and birthday parties did not take place. And as we have noticed in the lice removal and lice treatment industry, the need for lice services changed as well. Once again, the unintended but welcomed by families effect of social distancing was a decrease in lice outbreaks at schools. Lice transmission had decreased among children and therefore adults simply because they kept their distance. Hence, one of the most effective lice prevention techniques turns out to be social distancing.

Lice removal service in Covid era
Returning back to school and visiting summer camps has been a breath of fresh air for parents and children alike. As Covid19 vaccines became available, and our population has been gaining more access to vaccination, with even the school age kids being able to receive the Covid19 vaccine, our confidence grew. Children returned to school, and resumed sports and social activities they missed so much. Lice services became immediately needed, urgent lice removal requests returned, summer camp lice checks and back to school lice checks filled up our calendar. Lice are a centuries old problem, and lice being a social insect, spread quickly as soon as children safely returned to classrooms. Our lice technicians were eager to return back to work and do what they do so great: help Delouse, provide lice treatment to families, visit schools for school lice checks, camps lice checks and most importantly be there for what we took for granted before, in person service and interaction. Learn more about our Covid19 safety practices during lice treatment service appointments here.

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